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Athelas PillTrack is a medical adherence device that helps patients and doctors  manage medical adherence seamlessly.

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What Sets Us Apart

No setup costs

We handle all the shipping, activation, troubleshooting, and more.

No operational overhead

No extra work for you. We'll bill the insurance and remind your patients to measure.

Predictable reimbursements

You'll automatically receive your payouts to your account monthly.

Clinics across the country love Athelas PillTrack

Athelas PillTrack Features

We are a secure and seamless regimen tracking experience for both you and your patients.

Simple Activation

All our devices are SIM connected and ready to use out of the box. No wires, no Wi-Fi, no complications.

Secure Encryption

All your patient data is securely encrypted and stored in our servers in accordance to HIPAA compliance regulations.

PillTrack Dashboard

We offer a premium dashboard service to all RPM Clinics which showcases medical adherence across all patients.

Automatic Billing

We automatically bill insurance with the correct CPT codes and you will be paid directly to your account.

Our Provider Portal shows a birds eye view of medical adherance across all the patients in your clinic in the 'Medications' tab.

Medication adherence improves patient outcomes

50 %
of patients with chronic illnesses do not take their medications as prescribed.
This low adherence percentage is due to several factors including suboptimal health literacy and complex medication guidelines.
is the estimated annual bill incurred from increased morbidity resulting from non-adherence.
Medical Adherence is one of the most important factors in the ultimate expense incurred to patients.
90 %
is the new medical adherence level achieved by patients enrolled in medication reminder programs.
Studies have shown that patient medical adherence can go up 13-16% from just simply weekly reminders.
"Although [medications] are effective in combating disease, their full benefits are often not realized because approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed."
2011 Apr; 86(4): 304–314.
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